Several committees are currently chartered by the DCAHOA Board of Directors to help govern the Dry Creek Airpark Community. If you have any concerns or suggestions or are interested in volunteering to help on any committee, please contact the board President.

Architectural Review Committee
The Dry Creek Airpark Architectural Review Committee (ARC) was established to enhance consistency and assure compliance and equity in the implementation of policies, plans, declarations, covenants, restrictions and other documentation governing the physical development of Dry Creek. Dry Creek Airpark is an attractive, gated, private community in which to live and to fly.  It is dependent largely upon the melding of continuous design excellence with a sensitivity to and protection of the natural environment. The Committee serves as an arm of the Board of Directors.
Committee Chairperson:  Tim Wilson
Web Page Committee
This committee was established to help improve communication within the community which includes keeping the website updated with current Board agendas, minutes, and decisions. It also includes postings of notices to all homeowners of pertinent happenings. Content will be coordinated with the Board to alleviate any false rumors.
Committee Chairperson: Patti Norris

Financial Review Committee 
Twice yearly this committee conducts a review of the Dry Creek Airpark Treasury to insure accurate and timely accounting practices and to assist the Board of Directors and the Treasurer in creating a complete and concise method of accounting for the monies in the Dry Creek Airpark Treasury. The committee sends a report to the board which is shared with the members of the HOA.
Committee Chairperson: Julie Wilson
Maintenance Committee
The Maintenance Committee is charged with the responsibility of maintaining the airpark, which includes the fencing, the annual growth of weeds, all the assets of the airpark (water storage tank and trailer for fire protection when burning weeds, hand tools, weed eater, the gate and opener, the entrance area, the runway lights and radio operated light switch, the two wind socks, etc.) and the list goes on. The committee consists of 5 people, 3 of which are currently serving on the board. We organize work parties multiple times throughout the year and usually get up to 12 or 14 volunteers to help out.  Without this help we couldn’t begin to get all the work done.
Committee Chairperson:  Dick Rohaly

Fire Mitigation Program Committee
The purpose of the local Dry Creek Airpark Community Wildfire Protection Plane (CWPP) is to establish policy and the necessary guidelines required to provide actionable information to DCAHOA Board and property owners to help reduce the risk of uncontrolled wildfires. This includes reducing risk from fires that may be initiated outside the Airpark and spread onto common areas, as well as fires that may be initiated on the Airpark and potentially spread to areas outside the Airpark. In early 2013 the DCAHOA President formed a special taskforce charged with developing a fire protection plan for the Airpark and the plan was completed in January 2014. This local plan works in concert with the approved Crook County CWPP. 
Committee Chairperson:  Darrell Gerrard